Adams addresses Galena Council about dilapidated properties in the city

By Machelle Smith

Galena – Mr. Jim Adams came before the Galena City Council. He started off thanking the council for the dedication and the work that they have been doing for the betterment of the city. He applauded the council on their proactive stance on dilapidated properties. He said that he felt it was the obligation of property owners to maintain their property including rental property to a certain standard. He said there was a property in his neighborhood that has had a hole in the roof for two plus years. He had offered to purchase the house from the current owner, and was told that he didn’t know how the game was played. He asked the council to enforce the ordinances and resolutions that are currently on the books. He presented a list of properties to the council that are owned by a certain individual that he had obtained as a matter of public record, and asked the council members to drive by the properties and see if they meet the standards that the council is trying to set forth in the community. He stated that if the city is making multi-million dollar investments, i.e.: Main Street, and inviting multi-million dollar investments, i.e.: Premier Surgical Institute, then they need to move forward on making the neighborhoods more presentable.

Complete council story in the June 18, 2014 issue of the Sentinel-Times


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