CCCAG meets to discuss proposal from City of Galena Officials

Machelle Smith | Riverton

The Cherokee County Community Action Group held a meeting on Sunday at the Riverton High School to discuss the landfill and the special Galena council meeting that was held on Wednesday, July 23, where Mayor Dale Oglesby read a statement saying that the City of Galena would have a moratorium on the issue of the landfill, until January 2015. In Oglesby’s statement he said that “both sides would agree to cease the needless and unproductive boycotts, name calling, legal threats, and commit to handle the issue in a professional manner complimentary of Cherokee County.”
“The matter of the grand jury petition, there were over 300 signatures when Mr. Oglesby made this statement, since it had already been started, we are going to see this through,” said Jason Bolt, Chairperson of the CCCAG.
Bolt also addressed a question from the audience about Mr. Oglesby’s statement about having three members from the CCCAG work alongside the City of Galena’s Landfill committee. He said that he would get clarification as to whether the committees are to be meeting now, or not until January.
Jill Fichtner addressed the CCCAG about donations, she said that the group is a political action committee, but they are there to support a civil cause not a political cause. She said that they are a 501c4 and they can accept donations that are tax deductible for businesses.
Bolt said that several members had attended the Cherokee County Fair the prior week and had passed out information to several individuals.
It was stated that the efforts put forth by Mayor Oglesby seemed like a PR stunt, if the offer was genuine then the land should be put up for sale and start the process over.
It was stated that people need to talk to their commissioners, state representative and senator to see what they are going to do to help stop this issue.
Another thing that people can do is find out what is in the county’s solid waste management plan.
It was asked how the city council in Galena could authorize Mayor Oglesby to negotiate with the Clarks to get their land back to them, if the city never owned the land.
Bolt replied that would be a question for Mr. Oglesby.
Another person at the meeting stated that Mr. Watkins seemingly was not included in the moratorium as he spoke out at the council meeting on August 4, during Mr. Kelvin Ward’s statement about the proposed landfill.
Mr. Neal Anderson stated that citizens needed to attend other cities’ council meetings to make them aware of what was going on.
State Representative candidate Brian Caswell stated that he has no hidden agenda and he thinks this should be a county decision.
He was asked about his personal relationship with Doug Gatewood, Dale Oglesby and Brian Jordan. He stated that he has been friends with Gatewood for years and he would be renting from Oglesby and Jordan when Four States Pharmacy moves into their new location.
Current State Representative Michael Houser was not in attendance at the meeting. He was contacted afterwards and he stated that he has been working on a statute to stop island annexation. He said that there will only be one chance at it and that he needs to make sure all the wording is correct.
The next meeting will be held on Sunday, September 14, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. at the Riverton High School auditorium.


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