City Council Discusses Possibility of Building Tables at City Park

By Cheyanne McKeehan | Galena, Kansas

Mayor Lance Nichols brought in someone from TRI-States Chip Seal Paving because a few citizens were concerned about the patch work that was done from Front Street to 4th Street. They are going to correct this by filling in the low spots and sealing the asphalt to make sure there are no problems with water getting in and ruining the patch. City Superintedent Josh Reed, says, “They are going to great lengths to make sure we are happy with their work.”
Mayor Nichols would like to see concrete tables brought down to the city park. Josh Reed says he would like to see a pavillion built. Nichols has asked the council members to go down to the park and bring back opinions about what they’d like to see down there, if anything. The council has tabled the discussion.
Nichols wants to look into getting bids for an engineer to look into Galena’s water wells and see if it would benefit the town to use all four wells rather than just the one we are currently using. Councilman Gatewood agrees, stating “Options are always good.”
Planning and Zoning set up a hearing at the council meeting for anyone who had any objections to appear. The legal description of the property within the area to be rezsoned is as follows: The West 90 feet of lots 2 and 3 in block 1, Cornwall’s 5th addition to the City of Galena, except the South 30 feet of lot 3 to a R-3 zoning; and the South 30 feet of the West 90 feet of lot 3 in block 1, Cornwall’s 5th addition to the City of Galena to a C-2 zoning. They plan on building fully furnished four-plexes
Rey De La Rosa came before the council to express his concerns over the brick work at Pappy Litch Park. Mayor Nichols says if the council so desires to take a look, they will have to get three bids.
John Jaeger, from Wenger, came before the council to inquire about a parcel of city property. Wenger is looking into the possibility of expanding their building, which would have the potential to open up about fifty new positions. Jaeger says, “I think there is potential there for the city and our business.” Councilman Gatewood motions to move forward with the swap from parcel A to parcel B with Wenger.
Fire Chief Steve Hall, came before the council to inquire about housing a 2002 Freightliner at the property at 7501 NE Bethlehem Rd.
The council went over the noise ordinance and decided to take out the construction exemption and change it to where construction will need to give notice to the city before doing any work.
City Superintendent Josh Reed, was approved for up to $850 to buy cold mix. He was also approved for up to $900 for hauling three loads of base rock.
Chief of Police Billy Charles has an officer that needs training classes in Springfield. Approved for $495. He also would like to send an officer to Wichita for a four day class to train in interviewing kids in domestic abuse situations. Council approves training cost, lodging, and food. cost.


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