Columbus Telephone Outage Update

At approximately 9:00 a.m. on Friday, November 4, 2016 a fiber-optic cable owned by another carrier between Pittsburg and Parsons, Kansas was cut. This fiber cut impacted telephone service across the Columbus Telephone Company network, including customers of Optic Communications. Customers of several other service providers were also impacted regionally.
“Today has served as a reminder of how intertwined the national telecommunications network is in order to connect point A and point B. A cable cut in the right spot even miles from our network can still impact our operations,” stated CTC marketing manager Nick Saporito.
At the time of this release, the owner of the cut fiber cable is estimating the outage will last six to eight hours. CTC is doing everything it can to ease the situation, including contacting customers through social media and email.
“We appreciate everyone’s understanding and patience as our industry partners work to fix the cut cable,” added Saporito.
The situation has no impact on CTC or Optic’s other services.


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