Commission certifies election, updated by Coleman on Grand Jury petition

Machelle Smith | Columbus

The Cherokee County Commissioners canvassed the election results. The total number of registered voters: 16,421; registered Democrats: 5,065; registered Republicans: 5,986; total ballots cast: 1,947; total Democrat ballots cast: 603; total Republican ballots cast: 1,344. The winners for Cherokee County are for the United States Senator: Democrat Chad Taylor, Republican Pat Roberts; United States Representative Second District: Democrat Margie Wakefield, Republican Lynn Jenkins; Governor: Democrat Paul Davis, Republican Sam Brownback; Secretary of State: Democrat Jean Kurtis Schodorf, Republican Kris Kobach; Attorney General: Democrat A.K. Jotich, Republican Derek Schmidt; State Treasurer: Democrat Carmen Alldritt, Republican Ron Estes; Commissioner of Insurance: Dennis Anderson, Republican Beverly Gossage; State Representative: Democrat Brian Caswell – 466; Republican Michael Houser -1,141; State Board of Education Member 9th District: Republican Martin Burke – 1,077; County Commissioner District #1 Democrat Lee Howard – 171, Republican Pat Collins – 352.
In other business the commissioners received a written report from Karen Linn, Berberich Trahan and Co., the firm that has been completing the audit and procedures at the county treasurer’s office. The report states that currently the county has 15 bank accounts with minimal or no activity a month for several of the accounts. Attached was a list of recommendations to help correct some of the issues, including a monthly bank reconciliation.
The commission discussed the process of the grand jury petition with County Attorney Nathan Coleman.
Coleman stated that this is a learning process for him as well. But he will be referring the matter to the Attorney General’s office, due to the perceived conflict of interest with him. He said that from what he understands the petition was taken to the District Court Clerk, then it was sent to the County Clerk’s office to certify the correct number of registered voters signed the petition (224 needed), then if the correct number of signatures was obtained then the petition goes to the judge to determine if all procedures were followed. If all procedures were followed correctly then a 15 member grand jury is seated. The grand jury can request a special prosecutor as well as an investigator. The money for the grand jury comes from the county’s general fund.


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