Commissioners hear complaint from a resident about Treasurer’s Office delay in processing payment

Columbus, Kan. – County Clerk Rod Edmondson updated the commission on how the monitors worked for the election. He also stated that there were 120 provisional ballots and most of them were removed from the voter rolls that should not have been. The canvassing will be on Thursday.
A resident came in before the commission to express his concerns about the issues he has been having with the treasurer’s office. He said that he had mailed his property taxes on April 17th and on April 21st he received a receipt in the mail. It was May 7th before the check was deposited in the bank.
Commissioner Charlie Napier asked Treasurer Juanita Hodgson why it took so long.
Hodgson responded that with the district meetings and other task somethings had to be set aside. She stated that they cannot process things on a daily basis and it takes two to three days to process things.

Complete commission story in The Sentinel-Times 5/14/14


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