Congresswoman Jenkins visits Premier Surgical Institute

Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins talking to Joe Caputo, Business Manager, Premier Surgical InstituteToni Zibert

Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins talking to Joe Caputo, Business Manager, Premier Surgical Institute

Galena, Kan. – On Tuesday, June 3rd, Premier Surgical Institute saw congresswoman Lynn Jenkins (KS-02) walk through its doors for a special tour.
“It’s very exciting to have Lynn Jenkins tour today,” said Joseph Caputo, CEO of Premier. “We’re all very excited about this facility and the opportunities it’s bringing to Southeast Kansas.”
Premier Surgical Institute opened in June of last year and started receiving patients that July.
“She (Jenkins) has been really supportive of the efforts here,” Caputo continued. “The opening of this facility created about 70 new jobs. It’s been nice to serve everyone here close to home. This is a great place to practice medicine… I’m very pleased to have this opportunity to share this new facility with Ms. Jenkins. I know she’s been very excited to see it.”
Pretty in pink, the congresswoman finally stepped into the luxurious waiting room with a smile. “It’s show class, really,” Jenkins breathed when asked about her opinion of the facility. “I mean, look at this -” gesturing to the waiting room “- now that is a waiting room. I can’t even imagine what the rest of the building looks like.”
Earlier, Jenkins met up with the Pittsburg Rotary Club at Via Christi Hospital in Pittsburg, Kan.

. Premier Surgical Institute was her last stop for the day in Southeast Kansas.
“I had to get a tour,” the congresswoman said. “I did not get an opportunity to see it when it opened last year, which disappointed me.”
Jenkins also commented on the economic development the institute has brought to Galena. “Good schools plus good healthcare is the key to survival in small towns like this. This is a wonderful asset to the community.”


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