Galena Approves Equipment for Fire Department

M. Smith | GALENA,

Mr. Patrick Tuttle came before the Galena City Council to introduce Mr. Tom Rogers, who is with Twelve-One Race Management, and is going to take over the Mother Road Marathon. The race will be held on Sunday, October 1, 2017. Mr. Rogers stated that they are meeting with all the cities along the route and asking for an economic and volunteer ambassador. He stated that this can be one person or two and they will be kept in the loop on all of the logistic needs for the race. He stated that, one of the things that they would need help with, would be placing the cones on the highway, blocking off the one lane from Galena to Riverton. He said, in the future the money would be used to promote events in the cities along Route 66. He stated that they wanted to turn this into a weekend event, not just a race on Sunday. The council thanked him for his update.
The council transferred $25,000 from the Sewer Fund into the General Fund.
City Attorney Candace Gayoso provided the council with an ordinance about storage containers inside the city limits, for review. The council will review and proceed at the next meeting with the ordinance.
The council approved an ordinance moving the elections from April until November, to be in compliance with state law.
The council approved the purchase of 21 new sets of bunker gear for the fire department. It was stated that the equipment will stay at the department and the men have to meet the driver at the department, prior to leaving on a call. Chief Bill Hall stated that this has not slowed response time, but it makes sure that there are enough men to fight the fire.
Mayor Dale Oglesby stated that Dr. McNemer was going to donate land to the city for the softball fields and had requested that the city have an appraisal completed, council approved.
Police Chief Billy Charles, requested to purchase two seats at Missouri Southern State University for his officers to complete their 40 hours of training each year. He stated that this would give the department access to a driving simulator, an indoor firing range, as well as other things, council approved.
Charles stated that he will need to purchase tires for one of the vehicles, even though they are a 60,000 mile tire and only have 18,000 miles on them, because the department is considered commercial the warranty is not any good. He also stated that he would like to purchase a new vehicle this year but will bring the bids to the next meeting.
The council instructed Gayoso to draft an ordinance changing the rate of pay for city employees.
The next meeting will be held on Monday, February 6, 2017.


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