Galena approves switching telephone services

Machelle Smith | Galena

Mr. Dan Mailath, Utility Rebate Consultants, came before the council to offer his company’s services to review all the utility bills for the city to see if they can find where the city is being over charged. It was referred to the finance committee to see if they would like to proceed.
Mr. Jacob Miller, Liberty National, came before the council to offer his company’s insurance services to the individual employees. He said that they offer term life, up to age 100, accident, cancer, intensive care, vision, and a discount card for prescriptions, and chiropractic. He said that it was completely voluntary and they only need three employees to be able to deduct from the payroll. He was referred to each department head to schedule appointments for all employees to meet with them.
Mr. Nick Saporito, Optic Communications, (Columbus Telephone) came before the council to present a proposal to switch the city telephone services from Centurylink to Optic Communications. He said that keeping the same services that the city has currently, they will save the city about $600 a month. The council approved switching telephone providers.
Doug Gatewood came before the council to update them on the progress that is being made with the property that was sold to Mark McNemar. He said that in addition to the facility, he requested use of the softball fields for a fall league that will last five weeks during September and October. He said that they would also like to host eight tournaments on the weekends, four for baseball and four for softball, council approved.
Mr. Larry Huffman, resident at 817 Mineral ,came before the council to discuss the removal of the sidewalk that was done in March. He also wanted the city to lower the water meter twelve to eighteen inches to be below the freeze line. The matter was referred to the water committee and the street committee to go to the location so that they could understand what was needed, and they will bring a recommendation to the council.
Mrs. Cynthia Imming came before council to ask about handicap parking places that were along Galena Avenue and Fifth Street. She asked if the Galena Assembly of God had come before the council to request the parking spaces. It was stated that no one had come before the council to ask for the handicap parking places. Linda Watkins stated that she would contact someone with the church to have them come before the council to ask for the parking spaces.
Mr. Kelvin Ward came before the council to read a statement that he had prepared pertaining to the proposed landfill. (It is a letter to the editor on page 2A).
He thanked the council for allowing him to speak. He recognized that the council had passed a moratorium on the landfill issue until January 2015.
“I have been trying to get some answers from the landfill committee before you, the city council, passed the moratorium,” said Ward. “ In other words a self-imposed gag order.”
“We all realize that you the city council have voted to rescind all ordinances concerning the landfill and the landfill contract,” said Ward.
“Just for clarification, Kelvin, I have a couple of things, the mayor can’t vote. The self-imposed moratorium is a cooling-off period,” Mayor Dale Oglesby.
“You can sign off and pass ordinances stating that you are voiding the contract, but the other party doesn’t necessarily have to agree to it.” said Ward.
“I wouldn’t have made any kind of agreements with moratoriums or statements that the city was released from liability had I not understood that the city was released from liability. The city does not own that property, the city never has owned that property. The contract between the city and Jordan Disposal, is not worth the paper it is written on,” said Oglesby.
Councilman Roy Watkins asked Mr. Ward why he keeps bringing up taxpayers, when there are no taxpayer dollars involved.
Mr. Ward said that if the city wanted to release the moratorium then he would be willing to discuss the issue further.


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