Galena Council Hears Residents Concern Over Water Bill

Cheyanne McKeehan | Galena, Kansas

Galena resident, Doug Legg, came to the council meeting to dispute a higher than usual water bill. His current month’s bill was around $120 more than his average bill. After looking at daily usage, the council and Legg agreed that it was not a leak and the possible cause was someone using his water hose without his knowledge. Council agreed to credit Legg’s account $60.
Code Enforcement presented a noise ordinance to the council. The purpose of the ordinance is to protect individuals from unreasonable intrusions caused by excessive, unnecessary or unusually loud noises. The ordinance would prevent unnecessarily loud noises from happening between the hours of 10:00 pm and 7:00 am. The council agreed to table this matter until the next council meeting.
Council agreed to put out a bid in the paper for the fire department roof.
Doug Gatewood inquired about if the property committee had any recommendations regarding the Senior Center. The council wants City Superintendent, Josh Reed, and Councilman Neil Oglesby to look at the building and see what needs fixed.
Police Chief Charles has eight computers that need replaced. Chief says “the good news is we have $24,000 in the VIN account.” Chief got three price quotes for the replacement of the computers and the council decided on going with the bid from KissTech of up to $10,000.
City Superintendent Josh Reed brought up that Independence Day falls on a Thursday this year and has had city employees asking about a four day weekend. The council agreed to a four day weekend with the Friday off not paid unless employees use PTO.
Councilman Paul Allen inquired about council members and their families getting free passes to the city pool. Motion carries.
Former County Commissioner Pat Collins commended Josh Reed and his crew on the fine job they have done on making Galena streets look better.
Resident Firemen, Chad Stapleton, asked the council if he could paint the sign entrance of Oak Hill Cemetery. The council approved. Stapleton also wanted to commend the city council, saying “The fire department gets a lot of applause on the things we do, and I never really hear much on the police department, city, even the council. I’ve been doing this twenty years and I’ve never seen the city in a better shape than what we are right now.”
City Superintendent, Josh Reed, is still in the beginning bids of repairing the trash truck.
Reed also brought up that the ice machine at the city barn is broken and the city workers go through about 50 to 60 pounds of ice a day. Council agreed instead of paying for new ice machine, they can use the Mayor’s $1,000 to pay for ice.
Reed mentioned that the city workers need a van so it is easier to load up and out with weed eaters. He has done competitive shopping and has found a van for $2,000. Council has agreed to use up to $2,000 from the equipment reserve fund.
Renee Charles got three bids for a new refrigerator in the community room, as the current one no longer works. Council has accepted the low bid of $499.


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