Galena Council rescinds landfill ordinances

Machelle Smith | Galena

A special council meeting was held on Wednesday, July 30, to discuss to proposed landfill near Highway 69A and Lostine Road.
Mayor Dale Oglesby five statements.
1. He proposed a moratorium on the landfill issue until January of 2015. That would give the anti-landfill committee time to appoint three people to serve beside the Galena City Council landfill committee. He said that they should be willing to listen but they will also have input on the potential need for some type of publicly owned waste facility within the county. The moratorium will give the joint committee time to discuss an alternate to or the best approach for long term disposal issues.
2. Both sides need to cease the needless and unproductive boycotts, name calling, legal threats, and commit to handle the issue in a professional manner.
3. The city agrees to include the citizen committee in all landfill committee meetings and will post sufficient notice for all committee meetings.
4. The City agrees to not hold any landfill discussions during a regular or special council meeting without 30 day notice.
5. The Mayor asked the council to give him approval to negotiate with the Clarks to sell the land back to them.
The proposed landfill is a joint effort between the City of Galena and Jordan Disposal. Brian Jordan purchased the land from the Clarks through C & R Land Development, LLC and sold to the City for $1.00 and other considerations including a 30 year operation contract with the city.


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