title-The Land of Oz
a picture of a tornado outside of Galena, Kansas, Cherokee County. A spring tornado outside of Galena, Kansas in May.
Kansas is known to outsiders as the ‘Land of Oz’, but this corner of Southeast Kansas is better known as ‘Tornado Alley’

Concentrated in the vortex of the tornado is as much force as that found in a hurricane. Tornadoes usually occur when the seasons change, because of the variety of air currents.

title-Galena Parks
Schmerhorn Parka picture of Schmerhorn Park in Galena, Kansas. Galena is located in Cherokee County in the Southeastern corner of Kansas surrounded by Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

The small town is minutes from Joplin, Missouri, and Kansas State University, Pittsburg. Kansas City is approximately two hours to the north, and the Will Rogers Turnpike will take you southwest to the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma in about the same amount of time.
Galena is also adjacent to the Ozarks which straddles both Missouri and Arkansas. The lovely Shoal Creek at the south end of Galena offers many pleasures for the fishing enthusiast. Those people who enjoy hunting would also find game in this little known corner of Kansas. Shoal Creek in Wintera winter scene of Shoal Creek. Galena Sentinel-Times

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