Librarian’s Corner – “They Call Me Crazy”

By Steph Arbuckle – Weir Librarian

“They Call Me Crazy”
Kelly Stone Gamble

While John Denver sang about “Rocky Mountain Highs” taking him back to Colorado, Kelly Stone Gamble will take you back to Deacon, Kansas.
Never heard of Deacon, Kansas? Even without reading anything about the author you will recognize Baxter Springs.
Gamble has written her chapters with a character of the book relating their association with the murder of Roland Adams.
The tale of “oh, the web we weave when once we deceive” is ever so true with this community.
The book reads like a soap opera with episodes of suspense, murder, mystery, romance, and who-would-believe it wit and humor, the only thing missing is the background music.
A definite find and read from a Kansas author.


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  1. Kelly Gamble says:

    Thank you for reading and reviewing my book!

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