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“Musings: A Countrywoman’s Views On Family, Nature & Life In A Small Town”
Dolores Knowles

Kirwin, Kansas is a small town in north central Kansas and is one of the little towns that you don’t want to blink as you pass through while driving along the Kirwin National Wildlife Refuge located around the Kirwin Reservoir.
Knowles has put down in her daily journal just one thing a day that has made a memory of life in a small town.
You may or may not relate to some of her “musings” but you will see just how easy it is to take just a few minutes to jot down a few lines at the end or beginning of the day. Not to be compared with keeping a diary of your deepest secrets, just something that made the day memorable.
Kirwin is less than 300 population and does have a library (I’ve sent interlibrary loan items to them several times). Toronto, KS is comparable to Kirwin if you have ever been on a road trip in southeast Kansas.
Go to a dollar store and pick-up a notebook and give journal keeping a try.
“Musings” is light reading and will give you the reassurance that life in a small town isn’t too bad.


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