Lions split with Titans

Jeremy Brittle|Columbus

The Baxter Springs Lions ended their tour on the road against the Columbus Titans, the last stop before Sub-state. The Lady Lions had a controversial 42-46 loss, at the expense of the fans, over some subordinated calls. The Lions took a lead and never took the their foot off the gas as they won 80-38. | Sentinel Times

Riley Abernathy driving toward the basket against Columbus Titans

The Lady Lions were having trouble making shots as Kassity Shafer lead the team in the first quarter with 3 points and trailed 8-10. The real question throughout the girls game was what was a foul and what was a travel and what will they called a jump ball. The Lady Lions wouldn’t give up. As they fought, Kelsey Spence would get hot as she would make 6 of the 11 points complimented with a 3 pointer coming off the hands of Cheyenna VonMoss. The Lady Lions would be okay until the last 40 seconds against the press, would give 6 points off of turnovers and trailed 2 points to 8 points and trailing 20-28 at halftime.
The Lady Lions could have been counted out, but their character wasn’t going to give up. Delaney Barnes and Riley Abernathy would join in on the scoring in the second quarter as they combined for 11 points, but the problem was, they gave up 11 points as they now trailed 31-39. The Lady Lions would bring it closer, getting within two points, when two phantom fouls were called on Abernathy, who had a great game on defense and handling the ball, fouled out of the ball game. A foul was called on Shafer, who was on her knees with both hands on the ball, with the other that most of the time would have went to a jump ball. The Lady Titans made most of the free throws as 5 of the 7 points were free throws. The Lady Lions went into foul mode with under 30 seconds left in the game, which was the reason the score was further than it was. The Lady Lions fell 42-46, with a lot of adversity.
Spence and Barnes lead the team with 8 points each. Barnes had 2 blocked shots. Kassity Shafer had 7 points and also had 2 blocked shots. Abernathy and Abbey Underhill had 6 points each. Abernathy had at least 5 steals and lead the team in steals. VonMoss had 5 points, 2 steals and a blocked shot. Hailey Horn, who had a lot of rebounds, had a steal.
The Lions took the game over from the start of the game at 15-0, with 5:01 left in the first quarter, as they capitalized on the press and turnovers. Brant Trease had 3 steals and 6 points, all in a span of 20 seconds. Max Sheffer placed 8 points on the scoreboard and with a long 3 pointer, Trey White had 5 points, to give the Lions a 27-7 lead to start the second quarter. The Lions continued the press, which made it really hard for the Titans to even get past half court to even come close to being in range to fire shots. The Lions high powered offense remained in control as White rained down 3 pointers, Garrett Shafer became a dominate force under the basket. The Lions scored 25 points to go up 52-17 at halftime. | Sentinel Times

Brant Trease in the process of scoring two points after stealing the ball in the first quarter against Columbus Titans

The Lions would come out with their starters, as it was to early and Sub-state was over a week away. The Lions dominated under the basket as Shafer had 8 points and Preston Landis had 6 points. 70 -29 at the end of the third quarter. The Lions pulled their starters out of the game and it really didn’t make much difference, they still scored 10 points, 6 points off of 3 pointers from Nate Thompson. The Lions finished the game with the mercy rule of a never ending clock and placed a 80-46 victory.
Garrett Shafer lead the team with 18 points, two points coming from an alley-oop, White and Sheffer had 14 points each. Landis had 12 points while Thompson had 10 points. Trease had 6 points, all first quarter points. Billy Buck, Kaid Karnes, Mason Hartley all had 2 points each.
The Lady Lions regular season ended and they had 13 wins and 6 losses, but two of the losses were controversial and two losses from the top-seated Girard Trojans. The Lady Lions are two wins away from going to state. They play Friday night against the Columbus Titans at 6. The Lady Lions look to return the favor on a neutral court in Girard Kansas.
The Lions finished the season 11-16, overall record and were seated number one at sub-state. The Lions looked to play Thursday night at 6 against the Columbus Titans in which they swept the two previous games. If the Lions win they will play the winner of the Frontenac/ Girard game.


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