New Landfill Good or Bad for County?

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Galena, Kan. – The Galena Council approved the acquisition of land for a refuse landfill on the NE corner of 69A and Lostine.
The property originally owned by Brad Clark was purchased through a Joplin attorney for Mr. Brian Jordan, who then in turn gave the property to the City of Galena for a landfill, with a perpetual contract for operation of the landfill. The proposed 40 acre landfill will sit in the center of 160 acre piece of property.
The landfill will still need to be engineered and a permit obtained by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.
The barrier along the west will be borrowed dirt until the shrubbery has grown.
“We are looking at the long term needs of the county,” said Mayor Dale Oglesby.
According to Oglesby, residents of the city of Galena as well as the residents of Cherokee County will receive a reduced rate to dispose of their trash, at the landfill.
The anticipated lifetime of the landfill is 20 years.
Landfill committee members Lance Nichols, Ashley Qualls and Linda Watkins recommended this acquisition to the council. All the contracts and ordinances were already prepared prior to council.
The process for the approval of the landfill could take as little as six months. The process is to obtain local approval, i.e. Galena City Council, since the property was annexed into the city. The city then needs to submit the permit application to Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) which will review the permit application to make sure it is in compliance with Kansas Statutes and Regulations. There would then be a public comment session, KDHE would then review and evaluate the comments. There can be a public hearing depending on the public response during the public comment time. The public notice must be published not less than 30 days prior to the public hearing or proposed action.
When residents address their concerns they must address the state statutes and regulations and why the proposed landfill would not be in compliance.
The permitted landfill must be 500 feet from an occupied residence and 150 feet from the property line.
Ordinance No. 14-14 was passed by the council on Monday night annexing the property into the city. The council also passed Ordinance 14-15 which will establish the fund to be utilized for the operation and closure of the landfill.



  1. DG says:

    David Garcia
    This is the most underhanded, under the table crock of crap I’ve ever seen… Way to go Mayor for devaluing our property… POS….

  2. Todd says:

    Sounds kinda fishy the ordinances were prepared before the meeting. Sounds like someone is going to be padding their pockets on this deal. Kinda like the Penn National lawsuit. There should a grand jury convened to look into this deal along with the Penn National settlement.

  3. Chad says:

    This is less than a half of a mile from my house. I guess there goes my property vales. Why doesn’t Galena use any of the vacant land they already have like next to the mayor’s house?

  4. John says:

    You would think one would learn from the carefree attitude of the mining companies that raped the land and left, all for profit. Yes, look at it now and how much it has taken to clean. This is the same situation in a different form, a dumping ground for all kinds of trash next to residents. In addition, its in a land that’s permeated with mine shafts. How sure are they that this won’t affect the water table below? Like our relative before us, it’s greed and the attitude of…I won’t be around when it’s a problem.

  5. CJS says:

    Very underhanded. Who is Brian Jordan and how does he REALLY fit in? Good question.

  6. Greg says:

    Brian jordan owns the trash company on old route 66 by the state line. He and Oglesby are in cahoots with each other

  7. Christy says:

    Everyone hates a landfill until they need to throw something away…I understand there’s no good place for a landfill but they have to put it somewhere. It’s horrible for you that it’s close to your home but they had outside sources pick the best location based off Non-political environmental facts. Please research for yourself so that you know how they came up with the location. Voice your concerns at the meeting, and also realize this will be overall good for the county. I really do hear those of you who will be living close to it, that part I wouldn’t like if I were you. So don’t think I’m discounting that. But, I also know we absolutely have to have dumps, otherwise trash and couches etc end up on our back roads because there’s no where to go with it. also, Brian Jordan owns Jordan disposal…trash is what he does. In any business situation you’re going to try and make the situation best for your company. This is no different. There is nothing underhanded about being smart business wise. He GAVE the land to the City…of course he’s going to expect to get the trash business since that’s what he does for a living?? It’s absurd to expect anything otherwise. If it were your trash company and you had an opportunity to grow your company you would do it! So everyone needs to stop acting so self righteous like they don’t need money to live and provide for their families. And the Mayor of Galena has done an amazing job over the years cleaning up the town and bringing new life to it. Just open up your eyes and look around at how far the town has come over the past 10 years!!! You would think he would have earned a little respect by now! Good Job Mayor for trying to improve the City, make it where the proceeds from this dump can further improve Galena!!

  8. Justin says:

    Then why’d you leave galena

  9. Shelly Wall says:

    Self Righteous. Is it self righteous to want to protect the community you love? Profit over your neighbors welbing. Did you put it in our back yard, where it could be hidden. NO! you put it in the front yard, for all eyes to see. Is it Self Righteous to want only the best for our children too? You put it a mile from the school and ball fields. And the ones it effects the most. You took away our right to vote. So I appeal to the citizen of Galena, Please voice your disappointment over the councils actions.

  10. Michelle H says:

    Mr. Brian Jordan owns a disposal company

    Galena has plenty of unused land due to the mining era that should be used if they want a landfill. The people listed that approved this idea I just lost a lot of respect for. They say they care about the community but it does not appear to be so. They know what a mess the landfill will be due to the one after the Joplin tornado that was set up just outside of Galena so that is why they moved it to another community other than their own.

  11. Glenna Wells says:

    My question then is why wasn’t Riverton allowed to voice their opinion BEFORE this all went about? My guess is, they KNEW we would not appprove of it. It could have been made public on what their plans were on this before going this far, that is what was done “underhanded”, legal or not.
    Where or how is this landfill going to improve the Riverton area? How it helps the county is, it just gives people a closer area to dump their trash, next to our homes and major highway. If the Galena council had respect for the Riverton Community, they would have found a different place for their new landfill, not in our backyards.

  12. charyl says:

    Well I think that people dont understand the fact that a landfill does not smell. Also, it also will in return put off methain gas which can be sold. I can see where you wouldnt want it near your house. The situation with the Joplin tornado was devastating and was a rare incident.
    The mayor has done so much for the town of Galena. I used to live in Riverton and I would’nt have been caught dead in Galena. It was bad and if you lived there it was bad. The Mayor has turned Galena around for the good. Don’t be so fast to hang him! People travel from Joplin to go to Galena now. You should be backing YOUR Mayor.

  13. Christy, that is great. “good for the county”. When did we, everyone outside Galena city limits, vote for Dale Oglesby to speak for all of Cherokee County? When was he elected a county commissioner? At least in your last line you showed your true colors “proceeds from this dump can further improve Galena!” dump on the county, improve Galena! Does that about sum it up?

  14. BJT says:

    Did anyone take into account that the water table is a mere six feet below ground or the proximity of this proposed landfill to Spring River? I am more concerned about the water supply then a landfill!

  15. Stephen says:

    What landfill have you need by that has never smelled? Because I would love to see that landfill, as for backing “YOUR” mayor as you put it, well he isn’t “OUR” mayor so we don’t have to follow him blindly like it seems a lot within Galena has and are still doing!

  16. Stan says:

    The only improvements in Galena have been for select few , mainly the businesses that the Mayor or his kinfolk own. The reason Jordan needs the landfill is because his contract is running out at the trash disposal site that he dumps in now and his rates will go up. The mayor is only out for the mayor make no mistake about that, he could give a hoot less about the citizens of galena. As far as you riverton people are concerned you live in a unincorporated town so you really have no say, incorporate and set up a city government then you have a voice.

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