Riverton High School students give presentations on therapy animals

34-RHSdog-6700Riverton, Kan. – Wednesday, May 14th, Ricky and Deborah Miller traveled to Riverton High School for presentations by Jasmine Bicknell and Cambrey Dunnic. Both girls had written reports about service animals and therapy dogs.
Jasmine spoke about how service dogs provide a wide array of tasks for their 34-RHSdog-6692owners, including being an alarm system for someone who is prone to seizures.
She said that a dog that is used by a diabetic is there to assist them in remembering to take their medicine.
She said that service dogs are used by several different people in need.
Cambrey Dunnic spoke about therapy animals, including dogs, rabbits, and horses.34-RHSdog-6704
She stated that a therapy animal is used for comfort, and providing loving touch.
“Animal therapy benefits individuals with a variety of mental and emotional disabilities,” said Dunnic.
Therapy animals help people feel calm and they provide them with companionship.
“A warm fuzzy from a cat, a dog’s sense of smell, exquisite movement of horse all can be therapeutic for people,” stated Cambrey’s display board.
Deborah Miller said that she had went through a lot of training with Ricky for him to become a registered therapy dog.
Ricky and Deborah visit with people in nursing homes, hospitals and the library. The little kids read to Ricky as he will listen and not correct them. A dog gives a person a reason to forget their pain for a little while. They were at Missouri Southern State University after the tornado hit Joplin to provide comfort. She said that they have visited several elementary schools and some schools have a therapy dog in the counselor’s office.

Complete story in the May 21, 2014 issue of The Sentinel-Times


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