Scammon postpones annual appointments until June

Scammon, Kan. – Mr. Gilbert Vincent and Mrs. Kara Vincent came before the Scammon City Council stating that they had five lots and was going to sell two and a half lots to two separate families that are both going to build a house on the lots. The individuals were also present to ask if there were any building restrictions and the one asked if he could live in his travel trailer while he was constructing the house. The council reviewed the ordinance and told him the requirements. Both families said that it would take about a year to construct the homes.
Council approved the cereal malt beverage permit for Scammon Express.
The water meters and sewer lines will be mapped in June and there are about 140 manholes that need to be located.
The council approved hiring five individuals for summer help for the street department.

Complete council story in the May 21, 2014 issue of The Sentinel-Times


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