Schaiff Questions why Niegisch has to pay Filing Fee

Machelle Smith | Galena

William Schaiff, Columbus Ward 2 Councilman elect, came before the Commissioners to inquire about the cost of contesting the recent election.
Shaiff wanted to know why the candidate, who was filing with the District Court to contest the recent election results because of an error at the polling place in Columbus, had to pay $195 filing fee, when it was the county clerk’s mistake.
In the April 7th election, poll workers in Columbus accidentally passed out 10 wrong ballots, they were in Ward 4, where the outcome of the election is separated by 5 votes, between Steve Dunlap and Thomas Niegisch.
County Clerk Rod Edmondson stated that his office is only doing what they were directed to do by the Secretary of States office.
Schaiff asked if the county could pick up the $195 cost.
Edmondson said that 89 people checked in from Ward 4 to vote but 99 ballots were cast. If the Clerk’s office is ordered to pay the $195 by the District Court, they will.
Deana Randall, human resources, came before the commission to ask if a $25.00 gift card could be purchased for employees that participated, for the first time, in the wellness screening. She also asked if a gift card could be purchased for employees showing improvement or remained the same in their evaluation, commission approved.
Jean Pritchett, Columbus Chamber of Commerce, presented the commissioners with two tourism grant applications of $300 each, Galena Fire Department and Cal Ripken Baseball program in Columbus, commission approved.
Mac Young, Community Corrections, came before the commission to present them the proposed budget for the Community Corrections program. He stated that there is a $24,238 increase from last year, but they are still expecting cuts from the legislature. He stated that their fiscal year ends June 30th, commission approved the proposed budget.
County Counselor Nathan Coleman, updated the commissioners on the proposed family cemetery by Mr. Dustin Bronson. He stated that Mr. Bronson would be in attendance at the meeting next week, at 11:30 a.m., during the County Counselors appointment, with the commissioners.


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