Service Proposal Presented to Galena City Council to Take Care of Sludge Problem in Wastewater Lagoon

John Dempsey came before the council Monday evening, to inquire about some land he is interested in buying in order to start a new business. The council advised him to come back with a business proposal.
A property at 409 W Empire is on the condemnation list, but the owner has expressed interest in selling his property to a new owner. The new owner says he wants to fix the house up and live in it. Council has tabled it for 30 days and will get updates about progress, a decision will be made based on progress made.
Advanced Microbial Solutions (AMS) proposed using their services in Galena’s wastewater lagoon. It is a specialized service proposal to reduce the sludge level in the City of Galena. AMS says currently, Galena has an extremely high level of sludge. Galena has two cells that need treated; one would cost $146,000 and the other would cost $130,000. Council will bring the discussion back up in the Spring.
Mayor Nichols says they are down $17,000 due to the city pool, which had a lack of sales due to rain and extra shock treatments needed.
Tracy Roberts. who works in HR. asked for advice on what to tell city employees who are asking questions about a raise. Mayor Nichols says it is on the agenda to be discussed.
City Superintendent Josh Reed says they have 144 feet of curb that needs replaced. Motion carries


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