Statement from USD 247 Superintendent Dr. Glenn Fortmayer regarding McCune school building being used for community use

The USD 247 Board of Education would like to see the former McCune school building in productive use, and being used by the city is a great use. It helps the community, but does not injure the district fiscally or create another district school within USD 247.
A recent press release from the City of McCune ignores and does not share the USD 247 Board of Education offer to create a win-win scenario by leasing at an “extremely affordable rate long-term” all square footage and exterior grounds that the city wishes to occupy while saving the city from not being responsible for space and grounds they do not wish to use. The lease arrangement allows the city the use they desire, preserves the building for that use, while at the same time allows the district to retain ownership as legally advised, to protect itself from any possible petition to seize the property by another school district.
The McCune mayor is on the agenda per his request to respond to the USD 247 lease offer with no further info provided until they made the press release shared with us by KOAM.
The USD 247 had considered ownership transfer to the city, and separately to the SEK foundation, but the lease arrangement was decided upon based on legal advice in response to the Save McCune School Groups efforts to have USD 504 Oswego petition the state to force a property transfer.
The USD 247 is optimistic and confident that the lease arrangement can truly be an extremely beneficial solution to the concerns of the McCune Community and USD 247.


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