Weary Publisher 7-16-14 “Positions”



For over 36 years I’ve been involved and dedicated
to the Galena community through the Galena
Sentinel-Times. I must say that it has been an
experience that has molded me into the person I am
today. It has been an education . . .and through it
all, I have gained a number of lifelong friends over
the years. Some I worked with closely during the
fi rst part of those 36 years, through the Chamber
of Commerce and other community organizations
and activities, and sadly, some of those friends
are gone. I was the young kid on the block and
they were the citizens and community leaders of
that time. Over the years there have been great
accomplishments and likewise there have been
confl icts and diffi culties as the community has
With that said . . . I’ve been put into a position
that affects me in two ways. The recent decision
by the Galena City Council is something that the
newspaper needs to report on and cover, regardless
of how I feel about the decision the council has
made. We will be reporting on what has taken
place, dig into the details and cover the events
as they unfold in the weeks and months ahead.
These decisions, agreements, and resolutions will
affect the Community of Galena and at this point
the stage has been set. The citizens of Galena
will ultimately decide whether they approve or
disapprove of these decisions and ultimately the
long term effects. Some may feel that these were
the right choices . . . “business decisions.” Others
will disagree, that’s inevitable.
On the other hand . . . as a resident of Cherokee
County, and longtime Riverton resident, this
decision has personally thrust me into another
position, in opposition to everything the council
decided last week. However you wish to
characterize those decisions, this was not a spur
of the moment, all in one day event. This was a
calculated decision that the city made that will
affect thousands of Cherokee County residents and
up to this point . . . we were left out of the decision
process. That is what upsets me the most. Whether
there were behind the scene dealings, whether there
was a Kansas Open Meeting Act violation or even
confl icts of interest . . . ultimately they left me, a
property owner in Cherokee County outside Galena
City limits, out of the equation . . . and on purpose .
. . to limit the complication of a landfi ll discussion
out in the public. We purchased our home in 1990,
and have made several investments in that home
over the years, making it our long term investment
in Cherokee County. We live on Lostine Road,
just a short walk from the new city limits of Galena
and the proposed new landfill.
Our family has joined the fight . . .

The Weary Publisher


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  1. Shelly Wall says:

    This is a sad reality for our community. The lines are being drawn as both sides dig in for the fight. I will continue to pray that at some point the Galena city council will realize no landfill or profit is worth deviding our communities. God Bless you and yours.

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