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Notice of Heading to Consider Rezoning: 211 W. 7th St., GalenaFree Access


Pursuant to Kansas law, you are hereby notified that a rezoning hearing will be held before the Galena, Kansas, Planning Commission on Tuesday July 2, 2024 at 6 pm, at the community room of the city hall at 211 W. 7th, Galena, Kansas. At the hearing the Planning Commission will consider the application of D&D Estates LLC. to determine whether to recommend to the City Council of Galena, Kansas, the general rezoning of some or all the following property in Galena, Kansas, from a R-1 zoning to R-2. The common address of this property is 2103 Joplin St, KS. 66739.

Notice is required to be given by statute to persons who owns land that is within the area proposed to be rezoned and to those persons who own land within 200 feet of the perimeter of the land proposed to be rezoned.

Notice shall be by publication of of this Notice at least 20 days before the hearing in the official city newspaper and by first-class mail containing this Notice to the aforesaid landowners.

At the scheduled hearing above, any member of the public, including the above stated landowners, may state their position regarding the rezoning for consideratioin by the Planning Commission. Once the Planning Commission renders it’s decision regarding the proposed rezoning, this decision will then be submitted to the City Council for it’s decsion.

The legal description of the property within the area to be rezoned in Galena, Kansas, is as follows:
Parcel Details: 011-207-26-0-10-02-003.-00-0
Section:00 Township 00 Range 00
Tract Description: Woodlawn GA SOO, TOO, ROO
Lots 51-53-Lots 92-96 & Vac Joplin St
ACRES 1.3 Acres

A map with these areas proposed to be rezoned is available for inspection at the City Clerk’s Office in the City Hall, 211 W 7th, Galena Kansas
Flora Charles, Galena City Clerk.

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